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Hey! I'm from Australia's capital and I mostly blog about Pokemon, Animal Crossing and ASMR. If you wanna drop an ask go ahead! I'm more than happy to tag any triggers or just talk if that's what you'd like xx
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Childhood movies taught me the most important thing of all: parents aren’t always right and they don’t always know what’s best for you.

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Detachment is a privilege held by people who aren’t targets.

"why are you so emotional about this" - unaffected people

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don’t blame women for the fact that someone they trusted betrayed them in such an intimate way

solidarity with my ladies

for real i’m so sick of everyone blaming women when their asshole partners share their PRIVATE, CONSENSUAL pictures with the public


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"jokes are just jokes! get back in the kitchen you fat bitch before i rape you! just kidding! haha see everything is alright now! im not sexist! take a joke!"

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cosmo tip #600


if he thinks rape jokes are funny go on a romantic boat ride with him and leave him in the middle of the fucking ocean to die

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How to get me to unfollow you immediately:


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me: that is such a cute shirt
me: *looks at price tag*
me: that is the ugliest effing shirt i’ve ever seen

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why is this so hard for people to understand

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